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Claim Form And Worksheet

Please provide the following with your claim:

1. Brief typed letter outlining your claim and describing any grievances.

2. Completed Claim Form and Worksheet.

3. A copy of the Uniform Household Goods Bill of Lading (contract) from your move. If available, please supply the copy signed at the time of delivery.

4. A copy of your Household Goods Descriptive Inventory.If available, please supply the copy signed at the time

your shipment was delivered. For local (intrastate) moves an inventory may not have been prepared.

5. Pictures should clearly convey the extent of the damage as well as its location on the item claimed. Provide

adistance shot of the entire item with the damage visible. If necessary provide a close up picture showing the

extent and nature of the damage. Please use some indicator of relative size such as a coin or a ruler. Please

identify each picture and what is depicted. Unidentified pictures may delay processing of your claim. If you are

submitting photographs please document your name and the item being depicted on the back.

For additional information contact  Claim Management at (614) 376-3157

Claim Form